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"Manufacture of printed and non printer sacks, bags and packages"

Bags of material MIX PE and MI in various sizes
colors and printed according to your wishes.
Bags in any size and design.
Fast delivery dates. Write to us...

Containers and bags directly from the manufacturer

We produce and deliver to you and your partners products of superior quality at reasonable price and time as per your requirement.

  • 300x200

    Zipper bags with and without printing

    Our company has quality machines for the production of zipper bags:

    • with strong zipper
    • of different materials
    • with color printing
    • without printing


  • 300x200

    Produce of bags

    Bags of all sizes from different materials with or without printing. For example: cross bottom bags, bags with flap and adhesive tape, Euro hole, podvarem and reinforcement, security bags, bags with bar codes, bags of bubble wrap bags packaging machines, bags with holes, perforated foil bags, zipper bags, bags magazines, tobacco pouches, vacuum bags, bags for dog excrement and more.


  • 300x200

    We produce bags with
    or without printing

    bags of materials MIX, PE and MI in various sizes and colors with printing according to your wishes, but without printing.

    • bags with tape handle
    • bags solidified průhmatem without reinforcement
    • shirt bags


individual approach

Our individual approach to each customer with us to satisfy the most demanding requirements and execute both large and smaller orders. Everything is made ??at a high technical support facilities manufacturing company with a long tradition and experience. Fully equipped manufacturing enterprise combined with time-tested know-how and high-quality manufacturing machinery, equipment and technology to ensure the achievement premium quality of our products.

Sale of other packages

Another service for the customer, the sale of other packages. And these are bags, sheets, bags, pads for wear pads, ties, inserts into baskets, bags with square bottom down, with Euro hole up cones and more.

Types of materials and products in stock:

In stock we ready to take a large amount of packaging materials including many manufactured products and products. Likewise, there is a large amount výprodejových items.